Good health is simply good business.

At Axion, we recognize the importance of a healthy and happy workforce for a successful company. That’s why we pride ourselves on helping our clients create initiatives that address their specific wellness goals. Once they have been developed, we help you implement these initiatives within your workforce to ensure that your wellness plan makes the biggest impact possible.


The Wellness Edge Program helps employers leverage the power of employee health to support, protect, and enhance the company's number one asset: its employees. For more information, please contact our wellness specialists at wellness@axionrms.com. See Brokerage Services.

Wellness services include:

  • Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist (CCWS)
  • Dedicated Wellness Account Manager 
  • Report Review & Interpretation
  • Data Collection & Evaluation 
  • Ongoing Support & Evaluation 
  • Multi-Year Wellness Planning  


Our awards are a result of our commitment to your success.