Surgery Costs Continue Driving Employer Healthcare Spend

Posted On: March 21, 2018 | By: Abigail Cutler

Surgery costs represent the single largest component of United States health care spending at approximately $700 billion, or 31% of the total annual health care spend.  Much of this cost is passed on to self-funded employers who continue to see their health care spend, especially spend related to surgery, skyrocket.


Beginning in 2018, Axion is able to introduce a solution that has been proven to reduce surgery costs 30-50% on average, while guaranteeing employees are able to be admitted to a Center of Excellence (top 25 percentile provider) in the United States.


This solution is an innovative approach that yields positive results for employers, employees and providers. By implementing this strategy, employers are able reduce overall healthcare and surgery spend, employees receive quality outcomes from Centers of Excellence with more affordable, pre-negotiated surgery packages, and providers have surgery procedures paid in full before the surgery and receive higher patient volume.


By partnering with Axion Risk Management Strategies, we will be able to assess how this solution will fit into your comprehensive benefits program. We help make implementation seamless and transparent for minimal disruption and maximum satisfaction.