Axion recently launched Axion University, a series of short, educational webinars to provide clients with knowledge and tools to successfully administer and manage their employee benefits program. The events cover fundamental concepts, emerging trends, and compliance updates. Axion University is helping clients understand core requirements of offering benefits, make informed decisions, optimize benefits packages, foster healthier and more productive work environments.

The courses are interactive and an opportunity to ask experts questions and provide the attendees with a chance to learn. The courses will also be available on demand. Our first few courses are focused on circumstances where employees are off of work for an extended period of time. 

Click below to watch previously recorded courses or register for upcoming courses.


  • Course 9: Worksite Long Term Care presented by AGIS |Thursday, June 27 @ 1:30PM | Register HERE.


  • Course 1: Absence Management | Review recording HERE 
  • Course 2: Short-Term Disability Presented by Sun Life | Review recording HERE.
  • Course 3: Long Term Disability presented by Guardian | Review recording HERE.
  • Course 4: COBRA Administration presented by Employee Benefits Corporation | Review recording HERE. 
  • Course 5: Understanding Medicare presented by GIS Healthcare | Review recording HERE.
  • Course 6: Importance of Auditing Bills presented by Olive Park Consulting | Review recording HERE.
  • Course 7: Illinois Transportation Benefits Program Act presented by Employee Benefits Corporation | Review recording HERE.
  • Course 8: HIPAA Privacy & Security presented by Seyfarth | Thrusday, May 20 @ 1:30 | Review recording HERE.


The Future of Healthcare Seminar is a half-day program curated by Axion to provide the opportunity to hear about the future of healthcare, and, most importantly, how it will impact your employee benefits plans in the coming years.

Our presenters include executives from Advocate Aurora, the fifth-largest health system in the United States, and CVS, one of the largest PBM. More speaker and event information are on the registration site. Although the topic is great we’d like you to join us for networking and fellowship most importantly.

2023 Economic Outlook


o Inflationary Impact on Healthcare Costs
o Health Impact of Changing Demographics
o Effects of Carrier Oligopoly


Managing Burnout: A Guide for Leaders


Join Axion & Dr. Jacqueline Kerr to discuss:
– Different types of burnout
– Burnout symptoms and causes
– The intersection of burnout and bias
– Science-based solutions for burnout
– A road map of burnout solutions for you and your team
– Tips for burnout relief today

How the COVID Vaccine Affects a Woman’s Reproductive System


Join Dr. Seetal Adhikari, OBGYN for a discussion about how the COVID-19 Vaccine affects a woman’s reproductive system.

Risk Redirect: A Strategy for Reducing Questionable Worker’s Compensation Claims


Join us for a complimentary webinar to learn how more employers are implementing accident and disability benefits plans to help reduce workers’ compensation abuse.

Capital Gains: 3 Implications Affecting your Revenue


Join Axion & Busey Bank for a 20 minute coffee discussion about Capital Gains and three implications affecting your revenue.