The Future of Healthcare Seminar is a half-day program being curated by Axion to provide the opportunity to hear about the future of healthcare, and, most importantly, how it will impact your employee benefits plans in the coming years.

Our presenters include executives from Advocate Aurora, the fifth-largest health system in the United States, and CVS, one of the largest PBM. More speaker and event information are on the registration site. Although the topic is great we’d like you to join us for networking and fellowship most importantly.


o Inflationary Impact on Healthcare Costs
o Health Impact of Changing Demographics
o Effects of Carrier Oligopoly

Managing Burnout: A Guide for Leaders

Thursday, August 18 @ 10:00am CST | WATCH WEBINAR

Join Axion & Dr. Jacqueline Kerr to discuss:
– Different types of burnout
– Burnout symptoms and causes
– The intersection of burnout and bias
– Science-based solutions for burnout
– A road map of burnout solutions for you and your team
– Tips for burnout relief today

How the COVID Vaccine Affects a Woman’s Reproductive System

Tuesday, August 17 @ 12:00PM | WATCH RECORDING HERE

Join Dr. Seetal Adhikari, OBGYN for a discussion about how the COVID-19 Vaccine affects a woman’s reproductive system.

Risk Redirect: A Strategy for Reducing Questionable Worker’s Compensation Claims

Wednesday, June 30 @ 12:00PM | VIEW WEBINAR HERE

Join us for a complimentary webinar to learn how more employers are implementing accident and disability benefits plans to help reduce workers’ compensation abuse.

Capital Gains: 3 Implications Affecting your Revenue

Thursday, June 17 @ 9:00AM | VIEW WEBINAR HERE

Join Axion & Busey Bank for a 20 minute coffee discussion about Capital Gains and three implications affecting your revenue.

Transparency, COBRA, Cafeteria, Oh My!

Issues Impacting Health Plans in 2021

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE WEBINAR – Friday, April 30 @ 11:00am

This presentation will address the following compliance issues facing group health plans as a result of a wave of federal legislation and regulatory guidance issued in the last several months.

• Obligations related to the new COBRA subsidies
• The effect of price transparency disclosures on your business
• Addressing mental health parity discrepancies in your health plan
• Changes for Section 125 cafeteria plans

How to Effectively Implement Wellness & Wellbeing in a Post-COVID Environment

7 Benchmarks for a Successful Program

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THE WEBINAR – Thursday, April 22 @ 12:00pm

With remote work now lasting over a year, wellness programs are on the rise. Wellbeing is more important than ever. In this upcoming webinar you’ll learn the 7 benchmarks for the development of a results-oriented, impactful wellbeing program within an organization to keep your employees healthy.

Women’s Series: Seeing Opportunity through the Female Looking Glass

8 Recommendations to Succeed through 2021

Watch Webinar– 03/11/21 at 12 a.m. CST

Join us to explore the 5 key factors impacting Women during the ‘she-cession’ and discuss 8 recommended actions businesses can take to turn these effects into opportunities.

Manufacturing Recovery and Success for 2021

Manufacturing Recovery and Success for 2021 – 10/28/20 at 9 a.m. CST

At Axion RMS, we pride ourselves in continuing not only our employees’ education but education for all of our clients. Please scroll below to view our past webinars and click the link below to register for our upcoming!

Employer COVID Liability Updates

COVID Liability Update Webinar – 9/3/20 at 9a.m. CST

Please join Axion and Majory Robertson, AVP and Senior Council at Sun Life, to learn about the latest COVID-19 updates to federal, state and local laws, regulations, orders and guidelines that directly impact employers.

Reduce Healthcare Costs by Over 50%

Reducing Healthcare Costs Webinar – 9/1/20 at 9a.m. CST

Please join Axion and Eric Haberichter, the Co-Founder and CEO of Access HealthNet, a 30+ year medical professional and value driven healthcare specialist, for a discussion regarding trends in value-driven care and alternative payment models like RBP, Bundling, and Care Navigation that make up the “new” healthcare ecosystem.

Empowering Your Workforce During Turbulent Times

Empowering Workforce Webinar – 7/29/20 at 12p.m. CST

There are ways for you to empower your team and in this 30-minute virtual workshop Axion RMS and Perspectives, Ltd. will discuss strategies to structure teamwork in a new social-distanced workplace and how to empower your employees during the current events of violence and racism.

Are You Overlooking the Power of a Deferred Compensation Plan?

Deferred Compensation Webinar – 6/26/20 at 9 a.m. CST

Employers often offer deferred compensation or other non-qualified plans to meet the demands of select few executives – or haven’t considered their options in years. Many companies overlook deferred compensation plans due to perceived legal and administrative complexities, or lack of knowledge.

Retirement Planning Amid the COVID Pandemic

Retirement Planning Amid COVID with Victor Puleo – 6/19/20 at 12 p.m. CST

Are you aware of how the SECURE Act ( Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement) has impacted retirement plans? How about the Cares Act?

Managing Healthcare Costs From a Payer’s Perspective

Managing Healthcare Costs with John Torinus -5/29/20 at 12 p.m. CST

Healthcare costs are projected to spiral out of control in 2021. Is your business prepared for cost increases?

Bringing Employees Back To Work

Bringing Employees Back to Work – 5/22/20 at 12 p.m. CST

We are weeks away from reopening the state of Illinois and businesses are unsure of how to safely and effectively return to work. Topics include: Effects of Shelter in Place, Workplace Safety Measures, Communication Strategies and Leadership Principles.

Effective Ways to Manage a Health Savings Account

Effective Ways to Manage a Health Savings Account – 4/29/20 at 12 p.m. CST

Does your business offer a Health Savings Account? Do you have one you would like to know how to maximize it?

Why and How to Outsource Absence Management

WHY and HOW to outsource Absence Management – 4/29/20 at 12 p.m. CST

Did you know that the Department of Labor has increased their FMLA-related lawsuits by over 400% in the last 6 years?! Did you also know the average verdict in a FMLA lawsuit in 2019 was $335,000?!

Paycheck Protection Program

Paycheck Protection Program Q+A Session

The COVID-19 Pandemic continues to impact small and medium sized businesses due to the shelter in place orders. On March 27th, the government passed the CARES Act which includes the Paycheck Protection Program to help businesses keep their doors open and fuel the economy.

2020 Compliance and Legislative Update

Healthcare is one of the most regulated industries in the US, which makes staying on top of the latest compliance issues challenging. Now, with COVID-19 employers have a lot of unanswered questions.

Where Do We Go From Here: Elections, Health Care & The Decisions Ahead

Where Do We Go From Here: Healthcare and Elections – 3/18/20 at 12p.m. CST

As we approach the stretch run of the Democratic Primaries, the Coronavirus has changed the dynamics of both the 2020 election and Congress’ overall legislative priorities. In this webinar, James Slotnick, Sun Life’s AVP of Government Relations, will discuss how these dynamics could impact the employee benefits industry Paid Leave.

Axion RMS Covid-19 Q+A Session

Axion COVID-19 Q+A Session – 3/18/20 at 12p.m. CST

Axion is closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and is providing a Q+A webinar, sponsored by Perspectives, LTD, to provide guidance to employers on how they should be handling this situation with their employees.

Benefits Communication & Engagement

Benefits Communication & Engagement – Why it matters to your Bottom Line – 2/28/20 at 12p.m. CST

In this webinar co-hosted by Axion and Jellyvision, you will learn why benefits communication makes a big difference for your bottom line and how to drive dramatic behavior change with unusually engaging benefits communication tips.

Implementing an Effective Wellness and Well-being Program

Implementing an Effective Wellness Program

Please join Axion RMS and CHC Wellbeing webinar for a discussion including the following topics: critical steps to implementing a wellness/wellbeing program, key benefits of a comprehensive program, offering meaningful incentives, Setting strategic goals, and more.

Marijuana in the Workplace

Marijuana in the Workplace

As Illinois legalizes marijuana, culture in the workplace could begin to shift beginning January, 2020. What does that mean for employers? How does it effect responsibilities of not only employers, but employees as well?