AXION RMS is a leader in the risk management of health and welfare employee benefits. The cost of employee benefit programs has spiraled out of control in recent years, with no seeming relief in sight.  Employer groups can no longer rely on cost containment strategies that are simply evaluated year-to-year.


AXION RMS has redefined employee benefits risk management by focusing on each client's unique needs, culture, and preferences to design long term, 3-5 year benefit strategies. Any broker can advise an organization to slash coverage levels and achieve cost savings. AXION RMS intuitively knows that an organization’s most valued asset is its people. As your benefits consultant, achieving meaningful cost savings while maintaining comprehensive, high quality, morale-boosting benefits is our mission. And one that we do not take lightly.


We also specialize in providing value-added services designed to allow you to focus on your business and minimize the burden of keeping up with regulation and compliance issues. AXION RMS is a unique blend of talented people who have the experience and passion for doing what’s right for our clients – every client, every time.