3 Voluntary Benefits Trends to Watch in 2022

Benefits have always been crucial for attracting and retaining top performers, and voluntary benefits are a great way for employers to round off their offerings. These extra perks allow for more personalization that can help satisfy the unique needs of each worker, especially in today’s multigenerational workforce. Although individual needs vary, some common themes—physical, mental…

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Three Strategies for Reducing Benefits Cost in 2022

Health care costs continue to rise each year, and 2022 will be no exception. In the new year, expertspredict a 6.5% increase in medical costs alone, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers. Employers arealso anticipating health plan premiums to rise more than 5% in 2022, a Willis Towers Watson surveyreports. With these increases in mind, employers will want…

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5 HR Technology Trends to Monitor in 2022

No matter a company’s size, its day-to-day needs can feel overwhelming for human resources (HR) leaders, especially when faced with new coronavirus-related responsibilities or evolving role duties. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers are leveraging tech to address today’s challenges. Fortunately, technology can assist HR professionals in addressing today’s challenges by enhancing the employee experience,…

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The Rise of ICHRAs

With the need for cash and talent, many employers have engaged in crafty measures to keep people and pay them more. ICHRA (Individual Coverage HRA) has been a rising topic for many clients looking to provide their employees with the best options while reducing risk within their organization. Since January 1, 2020, when ICHRAs first…

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Consultant Corner

John Turnbull, from Axion, joins us for Consultant Corner to discuss the large increase in premiums. He discusses the importance of risk mitigation and the COVID-19 Bill effects.  Key risk mitigation tactics when reviewing your organization’s health plans:

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MICHauto CEO Spotlight

Congratulations Axion CEO, Jim Lill, CLU, CHFC, for being featured in the MICHauto CEO Spotlight. Jim Lill is the chief executive officer of Axion. MICHauto spoke with Lill about his leadership style and how he keeps his team motivated when faced with adversity. What single person or leader has been instrumental in shaping your leadership style as CEO? My…

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Health Care Increase

The Impact of 2021 and 2022’s High-Dollar Healthcare Increases

Jake Doman, Consulting Director at Axion Risk Management Strategies, provides insight on the impact of 2021 and 2022’s high-dollar healthcare increases. The healthcare trend in certain areas of the country is reaching 15-year highs. Care deferred during the pandemic returns – Healthcare spending by employers in 2020 was lower than expected because of the deferral of care as…

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Consultant Corner: Importance of Thoughtful Benefits Plan Design

John Turnbull, from Axion, joins us for Consultant Corner to discuss the importance of thoughtful benefits plan design. View the link as John discusses the importance of having a deep understanding of your employee’s demographics and potential risk while ensuring you have the right strategy in place to maximize health and minimize risk. Key Takeaways…

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CEO Insights

Jim Lill, CEO of Axion Risk Management Strategies, provides insight on the upcoming Biden Tax Reform and the affect it will have on businesses.  · Business owners are the job creators and typically the taxpayers most impacted by an increase in capital gains taxes. When capital gains are taxed at an increased rate less jobs…

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